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Shanghai Balmxy Pharmaceutic Co., Ltd was established in February 2010. In July 2019, the company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

Xinyuan Pharmaceutical is an emerging technology enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of fine chemicals and APIs. The company has advanced R & D center and quality inspection center, standardized pilot plant and production base. The company also has a number of independently developed products, and can develop and customize various types of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates according to customer needs.

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Since its establishment, our factory has been developing first world class products with adhering the principle of quality first. Our products have gained excellent reputation in the industry and valuabletrusty among new and old customers..

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  • List of proposed projects of Shanghai’s 2020 “Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan” Technology Innovation Fund (Second Batch)

    List of projects to be set up in Shanghai 2020 “science and technology innovation action plan” technological innovation fund (the second batch)                                       Click to view the list  
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  • Announcement on the list of proposed awards for high-tech enterprises in Songjiang District in 2019

    According to the spirit of the document “Songjiang District on Accelerating the Development of High-tech Enterprises in the G60 Science and Technology Corridor” (Husong Fugui [2019] No. 23), it is proposed to provide 2019 Songjiang District High-tech Enterprise Award and Support to 52...
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  • [Shanghai] In 2020, it is planned to recognize Shanghai patent work pilot demonstration unit publicity

    According to the “Shanghai Municipal Enterprise and Institution Patent Work Pilot Demonstration Unit Recognition and Management Measures” (Shanghai Zhiju ﹝2017﹞62), it has passed expert review and other procedures, and has been reviewed by the Party Committee of the Municipal Intell...
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  • The 22nd National Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics and Thermal Analysis of Chinese Chemical Society

    The 20th National Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics and Thermal Analysis of the Chinese Chemical Society will be held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province on July 15-17, 2020. This conference is sponsored by the Chinese Chemical Society, co-hosted by the Professional Committee of Chemical Thermodynam...
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  • Chinese Chemical Society 2020 Seminar on Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in Central and Western China

      Co-sponsored by the Inorganic Chemistry Discipline Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society and Lanzhou University, the “Chinese Chemical Society Seminar on Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in the Midwest of 2020″ will be held in Lanzhou on August 14-17, 2020 Univ...
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