Public announcement of the pilot demonstration units of Shanghai patent work to be recognized in 2020

According to the requirements of the “Shanghai Municipal Enterprise and Institution Patent Work Pilot Demonstration Unit Recognition and Management Measures” (Shanghai Zhiju ﹝2017﹞62), through expert review and other procedures, and deliberated by the Municipal Intellectual Property Office Party Committee, it is planned to recognize Shanghai Magic 97 units including Information Technology Co., Ltd. will be pilot enterprises for patent work in Shanghai in 2020; 4 units including Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine will be recognized as pilot institutions for patent work in Shanghai in 2020; Shanghai Hongyan Logistics Technology is proposed to be recognized Co., Ltd. and other 28 units are Shanghai patent work demonstration enterprises in 2020; 3 units including Donghua University are planned to be recognized as Shanghai patent work demonstration institutions in 2020. The list is now publicized.

The publicity period is from July 21 to July 29, 2020. If you have any objections to the publicized entity, please contact the Intellectual Property Development Promotion Office of Shanghai Intellectual Property Office.

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Post time: Oct-21-2020