The city’s technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises technology innovation fund project was announced, and 5 enterprises from Tus Caohejing (Zhongshan) Science and Technology Park were selected

The 2021 Shanghai technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation fund project was announced a few days ago, and a total of 140 companies in Songjiang were selected. Among them, a total of 5 companies in the Qidi Caohejing (Zhongshan) Science and Technology Park located in Zhongshan Street were selected. As a young park established less than six years ago, it is not easy for Tus Caohejing (Zhongshan) Science Park to achieve such results.


It is understood that the five selected companies in Tus Caohejing (Zhongshan) Science Park are Shanghai Xiantu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Yiwei (Shanghai) Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Retouch Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Xinyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. And Shanghai Lidao New Material Technology Co., Ltd., both of them are excellent companies in their respective industries. For example, Shanghai Xiantu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading unmanned driving clean and sanitation technology service provider. Yiwei (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is one of the few original research and development companies in the world that uses exosomal technology for clinically available diagnostic kits, serving cancer patients and China’s liquid biopsy business.


“This shows the scientific and technological innovation strength of the enterprises in the park. The park will guide enterprises to make good use of this innovation fund and provide a strong impetus for enterprise product research and development.” said Zhang Yanjun, deputy general manager of Tus Caohejing (Zhongshan) Science Park.

Post time: Oct-29-2021