R&D and Innovation


As a medical and health enterprise that started from R&D and gradually industrialized afterwards, Balmxy Pharmaceutical always regards R&D and innovation as the lasting power and core competitiveness of enterprise development. The company invests more than 10% of sales annually for new products, new technology research and development and technical improvement of existing products; full-time R&D personnel account for more than 20% of the company's total staff, and the educational background and professional experience of the R&D personnel are also owned by the company. The highest configuration in the department.

Balmxy Pharma established technical centers in New Jersey and Shanghai, and product development centers in Tengzhou and Zaozhuang, Shandong, including process laboratory, analytical laboratory, preparation laboratory, pharmacology laboratory, clinical center, intellectual property center, etc. With a total area of ​​14,000 square meters, the laboratory is equipped with first-class testing equipment, including high-end precision analytical instruments such as LC-MS, HPLC, GC, IR, NMR, dissolution apparatus, polarimeter.

As the main strategy for the development of the enterprise,Balmxy Pharma has continuously improved the level, depth and breadth of innovation, and has successively developed platform technologies such as chiral drug technology, sustained and controlled release preparation technology, nano drug technology and viral drug technology; innovation and upgrading have also promoted With the upgrade of the business structure, the industrial chain extension and business upgrade from chiral borane products, to chiral bulk drugs, to characteristic generic drugs, to clinical urgently needed innovative drugs are realized.

Balmxy Pharma carries out the corporate mission of "Innovation for a better life" without compromise, to meet clinical needs and customer needs as the starting point of technological innovation, to enhance the overall "value creation" of the enterprise as the focus of technological innovation, to innovation Seek development, promote innovation through cooperation, and achieve sustainable development of enterprises.